Corporate Newsletter May / June 2023

And the winner is...

This year, the Freudenberg Innovation Award will be taken home by the team from Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions. The jury presented the award in Weinheim on May 24 in tribute to


the team’s new cleaning system RinseClean. 


Global Innovation Forum 2023

When it comes to ensuring Freudenberg’s long-term future competitiveness, this year’s Global Innovation Forum, the most important innovation event within the company, came to a firm conclusion:


The automation of production processes is key.

Materials for the future

There are many possibilities for the future. But which scenarios are likely and offer greater certainty than others? Companies can only develop the right products and materials if they understand where industries and markets are going.


Freudenberg Technology Innovation is a powerhouse in this area.

It's all in the mix

In mixing plants, the right raw materials and ingredients are blended together to create new materials with the desired characteristics.


At Freudenberg Sealing Technologies, this has resulted in more than a thousand elastomer compounds.

Hydrogen operations underground

How can large volumes of hydrogen be stored in the future? The best way is underground, experts say. Components from Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies have made it possible to analyze and convert


a salt cavern in the Netherlands. 

The new Freudenberg employer brand

The slogan “Working at Freudenberg: We will wow your world” and the matching visuals are intended to embody Freudenberg’s product diversity, career opportunities and values as an employer –


and of course the many wow moments of our employees. 

Enhancing presence in China

In 2022, Freudenberg reported sales of over ¥10.22 billion (pro-rata) in Greater China. “Although uncertainties brought many challenges to our global operations, we maintained strong growth momentum,”


said Chief Human Resources Officer Esther Maria Loidl at a media roundtable.

e² supports sustainability education in Mexico

Freudenberg employees say volunteering at NEEDED Instituto de Rehabilitación al Maltrado de Menores has been very rewarding.


e² has funded a variety of sustainability efforts at this facility since 2022.

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