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  • And the winner is...

    This year, the Freudenberg Innovation Award (FIA) will be taken home by the team from Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS).

  • Global Innovation Forum 2023

    When it comes to ensuring Freudenberg’s long-term future competitiveness, this year’s Global Innovation Forum (GIF), which took place in Weinheim on May 24, came to a firm conclusion: The automation of production processes is key.

  • Hydrogen operations underground

    How can large volumes of hydrogen be stored in the future? The best way is underground, experts say. Components from Freudenberg Oil & Gas Technologies have made it possible to analyze and convert a salt cavern in the Netherlands. 


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26. Jun.


The IKOM, 100 honorary students of the TUM, organizes four career forums and other free events…

07. - 09.Jul.


At HerHackathon 2023, 250+ international tech native women (students, founders, young &…

07. - 09.Nov.


From 07 to 09 November, HOKO will open its doors at the Munich University of Applied Sciences…

07. - 09.Nov.

Bonding Aachen 2023

The Freudenberg Group will be represented at Bonding at RWTH Aachen University from November 7…

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