Corporate Newsletter November 2022

A matter of form

Freudenberg experts have succeeded in developing a material with characteristics that have been basically incompatible in the world of plastics. Find out about the superhero material that opens up the possibility of totally new applications – first and foremost, in electric mobility.

Debut at CIIE

Freudenberg Group had its debut at the China International Import Expo (CIIE), one of the world’s largest import fairs. On an impressive 150 m² booth in the auto exhibition area, Freudenberg showcased a full range of sustainable solutions for the automotive and transportation industry.

A large market with ample potential

Freudenberg Performance Materials produces a high-tech material from an innovative combination of staple fiber and spunbond nonwovens, helping make for lighter automobiles. Known as the underbody shield, its main feature is not only its low weight, but that it is designed to be sustainable – all the way from production to the end of its service life.

AquaTowers in remote locations

16,200 more people around the world now have access to clean water, thanks to Freudenberg’s investment in Planet Water’s AquaTowers. Since 2020, nine AquaTowers have been installed at schools in Mexico, India and Thailand with the help of Freudenberg employees.

From FAX to SAP

Maria Granados has been working at Klüber Lubrication Mexico since the first day of its foundation. Now she looks back on the last 29 years.

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