Corporate Newsletter July / August 2023

Developing new materials with machine learning

The development of new materials is full of challenges: It often takes years and requires sophisticated methods and testing. Artificial intelligence could change that.


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Freudenberg takes sound quality to the next level

From stadium and theme park loudspeakers to car speakers and premium stereos, proprietary Dispersed Fiber Technology™ from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is bringing a new level of sound quality to speaker surrounds.

Vileda turns 75

It has reinvented itself continuously over the decades and won the trust of countless customers thanks to its quality and performance – reason enough for Freudenberg to congratulate its brand Vileda on its anniversary and reflect upon its eventful history. 

Innovation for the carpet industry

A uniform pile pattern and great durability are extremely important for producing car mats and automotive carpets. The material of the substrate plays a major role here. To meet customer demand, Freudenberg Performance Materials has developed a groundbreaking process that optimizes carpeting production.

“I tell myself there is no ceiling”

Patricia Ajeje is taking on a new leadership role within Freudenberg. It’s a career milestone she says speaks to more than just her dedication.

Ajeje is proud to see a shift in what society views as leaders in business.

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