Corporate Newsletter April 2023

A world without plastic? No thanks!

Plastic has a bad reputation, and manufacturers of plastic products are held responsible. But does plastic really deserve its image?


Sustainability experts Dr. Meriem Tazir and Dr. Maike Hora think it does not.

A Time-Lapse Stress Test

Before new seals and materials reach the market, they have to prove themselves in demanding tests.


Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has turned to its own high-quality test stands to put them through their paces.

Gamifying training at Freudenberg Medical

Training for employees at Freudenberg Medical is evolving into the digital world while clearing roadblocks that arose from supply chain disruptions and improving overall efficiency.


For the team that built this new program, there really is no downside to moving training into a virtual reality space.

Taking Innovation to a Higher Level

Since its establishment in China in 1999, SurTec, an industry-leading surface treatment company and business of Freudenberg Chemical Specialties, has been growing steadily in the Chinese market.


The new technical center of SurTec completed construction recently in Hangzhou.

In conversation with… Mario Rojas

The Irish port city of Galway is home to a production site of the Freudenberg Medical Business Group. One of its employees is Mario Rojas. What’s so special about him?


He traveled 8,120 km to start his new adventure for his career at Freudenberg.

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