Corporate Newsletter January 2023

Solar energy for Shunde

At over 9,500 square meters, the array is one of the largest in the Freudenberg Group: A new photovoltaic system recently went into operation at the Freudenberg Filtration Technologies site in Shunde, China. Capable of generating roughly 2 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, the array’s solar panels are expected to save more than 1,500 tons of CO2 emissions. Read the full story on Freudenberg Magazine Online.

Seals for “Sorek II”

Just a few kilometers south of Tel Aviv, something big is happening. With a total investment of almost half a billion euros, the world’s largest seawater desalination plant, “Sorek II” is under construction there. EagleBurgmann is supporting the project with sustainable sealing solutions.

Be part of the WOW! campaign

The photo shoots and film shoots for the new employer branding campaign are entering the second round - now in Detroit, Shanghai and Bangalore. Employees can apply to become part of the campaign until February 1.

On the path to carbon neutrality

In October 2022, Japan Vilene Company, a Freudenberg Business Group, partnered with three “Bee” representatives from Freudenberg Service in Weinheim to identify energy efficiency and the CO2 emission reduction potential at its Shiga and Tokyo sites.

Freudenberg is now on Instagram

2023 brings new things: In addition to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, Freudenberg can now also be found on Instagram. The focus there: expressive images. This is how the company strengthens its brand with visual storytelling, provides insights into materials and products - and shows how diverse the Freudenberg world is. Interested? Take a look and become a follower.

Creating space for some "Little Einsteins"

The Motýlek kindergarten in the Czech town of Mělník was still dormant at the beginning of the year. How around 50 Vibracoustic employees transformed the kindergarten with the "Little e2 Einsteins” project.

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