Running makes you happier, healthier and wise

In October, two Freudenberg Group companies, Klüber Lubrication Brasil and Chem-Trend do Brasil launched initiatives to encourage their employees to exercise more while also embracing their commitment to Social Responsibility.  

There’s no doubt about it: Running, sport and healthy ways of living can improve employee engagement and performance. Exercise not only gives you a much-needed energy boost and a better sense of well-being, it also tackles stress and can even help reduce absenteeism due to sick leave. With all this in mind, Klüber Lubrication and Chem-Trend do Brasil organized the Beneficent Race or Hiking.  

The Klüber event took place in Barueri and some 100 employees signed up to take part. The race had an 8 km relay course, where each of the 4 team members covered 2 km. The first 3 places won a cash prize and with each registration, R$ 100,00 was donated to CEPAC, an institution supported by the project since 2016. 

Chem-Trend do Brasil sponsored the registration of its employees in a street race, organized by the Vera Cruz Hospital, located in Campinas. The race, with 6 km and 12 km courses and a 6 km walk, was sponsored by Chem-Trend that organized the registration of employees and provided support at the event – a positive experience all round!