Corporate Newsletter October 2022

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­In a recent survey, many Freudenberg employees expressed their opinions and expectations about receiving news from our company. The wish was clear: Freudenberg communication should go digital. With the "Freudenberg Magazine Online" and the "Freudenberg Magazine Newsletter", we are taking a major step in this direction. [...]


[...] "Freudenberg Magazine Online" is our new central information hub, meant to inform and entertain you with facts, news and stories from across the Freudenberg Group. Automated translation with modern software enables reading in almost 20 languages. The "Freudenberg Magazine Newsletter" complements the online offering and regularly summarizes the most important articles and news, delivering them directly to your inbox. More info.

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Ready for the green revolution

“Green hydrogen produced by electrolysis will spread widely in the coming years, with the big transformation starting in 2025,” says Arthur Mähne from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies. Find out in Freudenberg Magazine Online which components for the hydrogen infrastructure are being created at Freudenberg now.

Clean water for the Río Bogotá

The EagleBurgmann Business Group enables its customers to plan their processes to be more ecological and contributes to improving the sustainability of entire industries. The water sector is especially important here. The example on Freudenberg Magazine Online shows why.

What does a Data Scientist do?

She is on the trail of the mystery of data. Nina Quante identifies optimization potential for Freudenberg by using huge volumes of data to identify problems and derive solutions. Here she talks about what drives her and what she has already achieved.


What does "Diversity & Inclusion" mean for Freudenberg? Find out in Freudenberg Magazine Online what it all has to do with dancing and how the Group is approaching the topic globally.

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