Shanghai: Back to normality

In early June, Shanghai lifted its two-month corona lockdown. More than 700 Freudenberg employees living in the city could finally return to normality. The past 60 days were difficult yet also one of the most memorable times of their lives.

On June 5, having spent 40 days living on-site at the Freudenberg Chemical Specialities production plant in Qingpu, Wen Shunjun, a warehouse administrator at Chem-Trend China, returned home. During the lockdown from mid-April, the authorities in Shanghai permitted companies to continue their production as long as they operated under closed-loop management which meant the workforce remaining on-site 24/7 and unable to leave.  

I am proud to support my company in these extraordinary times.

Wen Shunjun, a warehouse administrator at Chem-Trend China

Fulfilling customer orders while complying with stringent corona protocols and ensuring the safety of on-site employees, was a challenging task for Chem-Trend. Wen was one of 16 colleagues who supported the company call and returned to the site to resume his duties. “Our management team was well-prepared and cared about our wellbeing. I am proud to support my company in these extraordinary times,” says Wen. 

As the saying goes: Every cloud has a silver lining. Over the past two months, countless volunteers selflessly gave their time and energy to support their communities. Coming from all walks of life, they joined together to help deliver food supplies to the doors of residents, look after the elderly, and assist with Covid-19 testing and numerous other essential tasks. Wayne Xu, Senior Attorney at Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center Asia, was among them. “I feel very happy and motivated that I could help people in need. I really appreciate the fact that my manager supported me to fulfil my social responsibility.” 

Throughout the lockdown in Shanghai, Freudenberg companies found many ways to support their employees in getting through this challenging time. With employees faced with difficulties in ordering food, the companies themselves banded together to organize the delivery of both food and essential supplies.  

The Freudenberg Regional Corporate Center in Shanghai also initiated a number of activities to help employees deal with anxiety and stress, including a webinar with the theme, “Relax and take care of yourself under pandemic uncertainty” and a “Workout at home” WeChat group. Motivated to embrace a healthy routine even under lockdown, more than 300 colleagues took part.   

Disinfection for incoming packing material.

Sleeping arrangements have been made.

Employees remained on-site 24/7 under closed-loop management.