Online means faster and more up-to-date

In 2021, Freudenberg employees had their say. In a survey, they expressed their opinions and expectations of corporate communications. The assessments and ideas were varied in detail, but the basic tenor was clear: Freudenberg should communicate more strongly via digital media and channels.  The new communications strategy takes account of this wish. It takes account of the changes in employees' reading and information habits.  A (somewhat) less in traditional printed reporting goes hand in hand with a significant plus in digital information, actuality and service.

The "Freudenberg Magazine Online" is not just a digital copy of the printed magazine, but a stand-alone publication with facts, news and stories in numerous languages. In significantly more languages than we previously had in our "communication offer". Automated translation with modern software make this possible, even if this technology is not yet 100% up to the quality of professional translators. But at least: from now on, almost all Freudenberg employees will have access to the latest information from the company, quickly and conveniently in their native languages. 

All-round information thanks to online magazine, newsletter and social media

The digital information provided is created in responsive design. What that means is: the e-magazine is also prepared to be reader-friendly on smartphones and tablets, and can be accessed on the go at any time from any place. Freudenberg Magazine Online will become the new information hub for the Freudenberg Group.  It replaces the existing Freudenberg Portal, which remains a purely internal channel for organizational information, as a digital information platform. The survey showed that employees already use the portals and information channels of their own respective Business Groups much more intensively than the Freudenberg Group Portal.

As a further digital information medium, a newsletter will flank the online offering in the future. We will use it to keep employees regularly informed about news from the Group via e-mail. We will also further intensify communication via social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.   

But for now, enjoy reading and exploring our Freudenberg world!