The wonder of a fig – a gift for good

Following the recent commissioning of its new plant in Valinhos, known as the capital of the “Purple Fig,” EagleBurgmann wanted to present something remarkable from the region to its first-time visitors to the site. What better than a fig?

The challenge lay in turning a humble fruit into a unique gift. A solution was soon found, however, when the company’s CEO, Rodrigo Vilela, remembered that he had once purchased a ceramic fig made by an artisan in Valinhos.

To transform what was already an unusual welcome gift into a unique work of art, EagleBurgmann enlisted some helping hands in the shape of several budding young artists. Supervised by FEAV - Valinhos (a community project supported by e² in partnership with EagleBurgmann), the children were invited to paint 500 ceramic figs during their vacation. 

Arlete Luthold, an expert in plastic art, teaches the children

"Figo do bem"

The wonder of a fig – a gift for good