A celebration of learning and fun for all!

12th Freudenberg Summer Camp

The 12th annual Freudenberg Summer Camp took place at the Haijin Ke De Bao Primary School in Sichuan in early July. After a pandemic-induced break, around 60 Freudenberg volunteers and their families joined forces to support the camp for the 200 or more children, ensuring that the youngsters had a memorable and enriching experience.

The camp aimed to promote creativity and social skills and to provide access to a wide range of activities. Led by passionate Freudenberg volunteers, the children explored STEM subjects, learned waltzing, discovered astronomy, played the ukulele, engaged in arts and crafts, and explored Confucianism.

Meeting place and playground

Creative hands at work

A rainy walk to summer camp

Ukulele for beginners

The waltz - Chinese style

Everybody's happy!

The Freudenberg Summer Camp, which has a long tradition, forms part of the long-standing Freudenberg Earthquake Relief Project. The initiative is dedicated to supporting the education and development of students in the region. Over the past 15 years, more than 1,000 dedicated Freudenberg employees have volunteered at the Haijin Ke De Bao Primary School, actively participating in summer camps, Christmas parties and tutoring sessions. This year’s summer camp marked a welcome return, fostering a spirit of collaboration and compassion.